Health Benefits of Using a Vaporizer

Smoking related deaths are close to half a billion annually, in the United States alone. Life expectancy for smokers are at least 10 year shorter than non-smoker counterparts, a statistical reality that makes tobacco the leading preventable cause of death. Data shows hope of recovery, quitting before 40 reduces the risk of deathly disease by 90%. It’s no wonder why there’s a massive shift to vaporizers, and here’s the main reason why:
Vaporizers heat the product in order to release the sought-after active compounds but will not reach combustion, preventing release of harmful smoke and toxins.

Here’s some scientific data to back-up our facts:
The National Center for Biotechnology Information published a research experiment using the Volcano vaporizer to inhale THC in medical patients. Carbon monoxide was used as a measurable toxin, results showed reduced levels when vaporizing and concluded that vaporization is a safe and effective mode of delivery of THC. Source.
University of San Francisco conducted the same study with the same results. Source

A follow-up study to gain support for a clinical trial gave twenty frequent smokers with two or more respiratory symptoms a vaporizer to replace their prior habits for a month. The study measured the respiratory effects by comparing numbers for forced expiratory volume and maximum total lung volume before and after using the vaporizer. Vaporizer use concluded with “prelimary data reveal meaningful improvements in respiratory function…” and hopes to bring this to clinical trials. Source

Professors from the University of Albany & University of Southern California used a data survey to ask 6,883 qualified participants about their smoking habits and respiratory effects. “These data suggest that the safety of cannabis can increase with the use of a vaporizer.” Source

Current studies are still showing promising results on the health benefits of vaporizing, with portable vaporizers coming in increased availability and evolving technology, we can hope to reduce the tragic numbers of smoking related disease.