Mods 101 – Learn How Your Vaporizer Works

What are MODs & PVs?


A MOD is simply a modified electronic cigarette or personal vaporizer (PV).  In the simplest set-up, the MOD consists of a battery, connected to an atomizer by activating the switch.  The atomizer holds and heats the liquid e-juice til it vaporizes through the mouth piece for your consumption.  MODs came to be when users needed a more powerful battery to last them, but now they can be defined as a custom, beefed up vape pen.

What kind of MODs are there?

Most of the MODs out there are mechanical, with no true wiring or electronics and work by completing the circuit by a mechanical button. Digital MODs can do some neat things like keep a hit counter or displays the coil temperature but are usually more expensive and harder to repair & maintain.  Preference is of the users, try them out and find what works for you.

What kind of space junk are atomizers, cartomizers & clearomizers?

All three have the same duty: vaporize the bajeezus out of your e-juice, wax or herb, allowing you to enjoy your favorite flavors.  Atomizers are the original designs, a simple heating coil with a wick or ceramic device to funnel the liquid in and release the vapor out.  Cartomizers (Cartridge + Atomizer) usually have a tank &  a larger capacity for liquids.  Most have a vertical coil that spans the tank and has a polyfill cover to soak up the liquid before vaporization to get  longer uses out of each drop.  Clearomizers are the latest and most popular design, and simply have a clear container, allowing you to see how much e-juice you have left.  Long wicks draw the liquid up to the atomizer head piece, allowing you to use every last drop & easily clean the piece before trying a new flavor (no ghosting of the last fill).  This design also allows you to easily change out the atomizer head if it starts to build up resistance (corrosion due to long/heavy usage) and lose power.  They can be replaced at a low cost, find the one that works with your device here.

How much horsepower should my battery have?

Depends on how strong you like your intake, many batteries have adjustable voltage to change how strong you want to take your vape hits but some don’t so voltage numbers becomes important.  Most users consider how big the capacity of the battery to be the most important factor, allowing them to go for up to a week without charging.  Other factors to consider are if it’s USB chargeable, and if it’s usable while being charged.

Should I order all these custom parts for my first pen?

We actually don’t recommend it for your first time.  Everything in the Vaporizer categories are fully functional out of the box, each usually with a kit & charger.  Keep an eye out for what you are going to vaporize, as some are only compatible with certain materials. With some experience and knowledge, you can decide what qualities you prefer to have in your personal vaporizer, whether it’s more battery life, stronger hits, or travel size and customize your piece by ordering some Parts. One thing to look out for when buying parts are their compatibility with others, this is usually done by indicating what threading is used. The most popular is 510, and some 710, named after the initial products, these numbers indicate the dimensions of the thread that connect the devices to each other.