Quit Smoking Cigarettes by Vaping

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It's a simple fact, trying to quit cigarettes can be the hardest thing any long-term smoker has to go through. Quitting techniques like weaning off with Nicotine Gum & Patches simply don't work with some people, as they're no real substitution to the act of inhaling smoke. For others, they've already joined the great exodus to vaporizing, the intake of vapors without the harmful toxins associated with combustion. Multiple Studies have shown promising results in their health benefits versus … [Read more...]

Health Benefits of Using a Vaporizer

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Smoking related deaths are close to half a billion annually, in the United States alone. Life expectancy for smokers are at least 10 year shorter than non-smoker counterparts, a statistical reality that makes tobacco the leading preventable cause of death. Data shows hope of recovery, quitting before 40 reduces the risk of deathly disease by 90%. Source. It's no wonder why there's a massive shift to vaporizers, and here's the main reason why: Vaporizers heat the product in order to release … [Read more...]

Mods 101 – Learn How Your Vaporizer Works

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What are MODs & PVs? A MOD is simply a modified electronic cigarette or personal vaporizer (PV).  In the simplest set-up, the MOD consists of a battery, connected to an atomizer by activating the switch.  The atomizer holds and heats the liquid e-juice til it vaporizes through the mouth piece for your consumption.  MODs came to be when users needed a more powerful battery to last them, but now they can be defined as a custom, beefed up vape pen. What kind of MODs are there? Most … [Read more...]