Quit Smoking Cigarettes by Vaping

It’s a simple fact, trying to quit cigarettes can be the hardest thing any long-term smoker has to go through. Quitting techniques like weaning off with Nicotine Gum & Patches simply don’t work with some people, as they’re no real substitution to the act of inhaling smoke. For others, they’ve already joined the great exodus to vaporizing, the intake of vapors without the harmful toxins associated with combustion. Multiple Studies have shown promising results in their health benefits versus smoking, and a recent publication in an 8 month study on using e-cig alternatives showed an overall 60% decrease in tobacco cigarettes smoked per day. 21% of these participants stopped smoking tobacco altogether, monitored by CO levels (e-cigs display baseline levels) in the participants. By comparison, only 3-5% of users quitting by willpower remain tobacco free after 6-12 months. Here’s why vaporizing can help the heavy smoker:

Choose your Strength
E-Juice comes in varying levels of nicotine, from very strong (18mg or 24mg) to none. Starting to vape as a pack-a-day smoker? Start with the higher level of nicotine and slowly go down in strength. All of the e-juices come in such a wide variety of flavors that you can enjoy the differences in strength by switching it up! You can get a bottle for only $3-5 depending on strength, surely beating the prices of cigarettes. E-juice is made up of extremely simple ingredients, Nicotine (optional), flavoring, Propylene Glycol & Vegetable Glycerin. The last two may have fancy names but they’re natural carbohydrates that are already in a bunch of your household foods and products, they’re in your e-juice because they give your vapor the smooth and thick qualities you’re looking for. Yes, they’re even considered safe by the FDA.

Cost Reduction
Switching to vaporizers may have an initial cost, but there are starter kits under $29 available on our site that will get you started. With bottles of e-juice lasting over a week or two to the heaviest smokers, it’s no wonder how much money you will save, especially to the pack-a-day smoker spending about $2-3k annually. Along with heating coils that will need to be replaced every few weeks, estimated annual costs of vaporizing is about $300, a massive difference in upkeep costs and money well saved.

Health Benefits
Other than no longer worrying about how bad you may smell, using a vaporizer has huge beneficial health benefits. Most of these can be found in our health article but briefly summed up, vaporizer studies showed significant reduction in respiratory problems across the board. Carbon monoxide intake has also been found to be significantly reduced.

With smoking in public becoming a lawful issue in most cities, switching to vaporizing allows you to be discreet & take that hit without having to light up a new cig. Still need some help starting up? Head over to our Starter’s Guide to learn more and find the vaporizer that works for you.